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Corkoleum MANGO 3mm x 1,4m x 5,5m - korkparkett rull - hind 7,7m² eest (rull)

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Model/Product no.: CL-MANGO
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Cork flooring is an extremely durable product proven in thousands of rooms in the last 20-30 years. In view of the fact that the cork is resistant to water there are no problems with drying out, as in the case of wood flooring. Cork floor tiles is offered in the form of floating cork flooring mounted "click together" or flexible boards glued to the substrate with specialist contact adhesive.

The traditional solution - cork panels glued to the floor - provides extraordinary comfort and minimal sound of walking on the floor. The so-called "cork parquet" is offered in 4 types of finishes:


Raw - unhedged, ready to paint (to finish at the installation site)

PRF - pre-coated with a protective layer of paraffin (ready to use)

PrePU - pre-painted (to finish at the installation site)

WRT - pre-coated with very hard ceramic coating for residential, office, public spaces (ready to use)

PU - pre-coated with polyurethane varnish for residential use (ready to use)

HPS - covered with high-tech nano-coating for commercial premises (ready to use).

Always nice and warm cork floors. The unique thermal insulation properties of cork provide cork flooring tiles with optimum temperature throughout the year. It guarantees warmth, comfort and energy savings. Natural sound and vibration damping. The sound construction of natural cork reduces sound and vibration transmission of walking inside the room, making your interior quiet and peaceful.

The ideal cork tile flooring to walk on without shoes. Cork flooring is extremely comfortable and pleasant, because of its naturalness and flexibility. Even walking barefoot provides pleasure and comfort in walking. Healthy choice for your legs and spine. With a high capacity to absorb shocks cork greatly relieves your feet, joints and spine, preventing injuries. In addition, thanks to its antibacterial properties cork squares are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Extreme strength and resistance to pressure. The cells of the natural cork are very resistant to crushing. Thanks to its flexibility and natural memory, when pressure is removed the entire volume of the cork returns to its original form. In combination with modern technology surface impregnation, cork floors are extremely durable, while maintaining a perfect look for decades.

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