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Disaineri dekoratiivne kork DECORK "TEXTIL-line" roheline

Unit Price for 5 tk. 6,56 EUR / tk.

Unit Price for 10 tk. 4,04 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 15 tk. 3,20 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 25 tk. 2,51 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 50 tk. 1,95 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 100 tk. 1,67 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 200 tk. 1,50 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 300 tk. 1,43 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 400 tk. 1,41 EUR / tk. Unit Price for 500 tk. 1,40 EUR / tk.

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Choose a decorative cork DECORK. Fascinate every climate of your home!

In daily life, which is increasingly demanding and stressful, it is good to have your own space, which will provide excellent comfort and relaxation. Decorative cork sheets, as opposed to traditional wall coverings, will create for you a unique atmosphere, regardless of the day of the week, time of year or the current weather or state of mind.

Decorative wall cork DECORK is a natural and absolutely charismatic room decoration. This is a unique and practical solution, since the cork wall coverings improve the microclimate of the interior, reducing the noise level inside the apartment and make the walls warmer. Waxed cork wall also protects the surface from dirt in areas where traffic is intense, such as lobbies and corridors. Installation of decorative cork wall is relatively simple - self adhesive cork sheets are glued directly to the surface.

A great choice of unique patterns, colours and textures allows you to make the perfect choice of the one, most individual decor, corresponding 100% to your preference. Fill as much surface as possible in your home or office with natural cork, and you will be surprised how much your interior will have to offer. Decorative wall tiles are the highest quality natural cork products, combining innovative and original texture surface to gain all the possible advantages of cork. 100% natural and ecological cork walls provide excellent acoustic comfort in rooms and lining that is extremely easy to keep clean. The numerous advantages of cork wall give personalization of your interior a whole new meaning!

Cork panelling and cladding are characterized by high resistance to daily use, they are resistant to weathering and are not a problem to keep clean. Cork wall finishing is a 100% organic and natural product; it ensures that you will long enjoy its aesthetics and practicality. You are warmly invited to take a closer look at our wide range of cork wall. You will surely choose for yourself a pattern that you quickly fall in love with and makes you discover in your daily surroundings a completely new personality, and perhaps even sophistication.

Price for 1 m2 = 51 cork plates 12x150x172mm

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